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Agriculture in the desert. Quite a task.


SEKEM Agriculture functions as holding for the agricultural activities and companies of SEKEM. From reclaiming desert land through SEKEM For Land Reclamation, natural pest control through Predators, graving plants through El-Mizan to cattle management and composting through Libra, the whole agriculture cycle is covered.


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From the desert to the supermarket


Holistic agriculture combined with processing companies in one, closed value chain enables SEKEM to produce highest quality products with full transparency and traceability. For Egypt and the world.


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First impression: Impressive!


In the years 2007 - 2009 SEKEM acquired three new plots of desert land (total area of 6000 Feddan), with the aim to establish model farms proofing that Biodynamic agricultural methods are the best option for Egypt in desert land reclamation, food security and sustainable development and to secure SEKEMs growing pure, Biodynamic raw material needs.


Until 2013 about 1600 Feddan have been reclaimed and developed including all necessary infrastructure and community centers for sustainable development on all three farms.


What is SEKEM doing in regards to water management?

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