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The provision of a safe environment and access to health services are some of the main requirements for a humane workplace. We differentiate between two levels of action: First, health and safety at the workplace, and, second, a broader approach towards health promotion in the community.


From Certified Management…


In all organizational processes, health and safety aspects have to be taken into account. To follow-up on, for example, any reported safety problems or accumulations of incidents, a precise documentation is needed. Tangible targets have to be set, and trainings on all relevant health and safety issues have to be carried out and repeated regularly. To make sure that our health and safety management system works according to internationally recognized standards, all our companies have been certified according to the well-known OHSAS 18001 standard since 2005. In every company, a health and safety team is responsible for ensuring that standards are met. The team meets annually to discuss the related company statistics and to formulate action plans for prevention if needed.


Workforce diversity and equal treatment


…to the Individual Level


Nonetheless, only by keeping the workplace safe, the challenge of a healthy lifestyle is not addressed. Each working day, we serve our employees a warm and healthy lunch including organic vegetables. Furthermore, our small sporting club uses the football field, which we built for the school at the main premises. Even more important is the individual medicinal support for all employees, which they receive at the Medical Center.


The SEKEM Medical Center


The SEKEM Medical Center is part of a comprehensive plan for community development for offering health care services to SEKEM employees and the general public. It was established under the umbrella of the SEKEM Development Foundation in 1995. Education and health awareness programs for patients are designed to meet the needs of the local community. People are told about sanitation and hygiene, provided with information on health, nutrition, disease prevention and environmental issues, and are motivated to use the services of the Medical Center for preventive and curative treatments.


Meet the Medical Center

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