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The International Association of Partnership


Arguably, the most important partnership network is the International Association for Partnership in Ecology and Trade (IAP). In 1996, established by SEKEM and several of its long- term European business partners, in order to create a dynamic interaction between farmers, producers and traders, with the goal to provide consumers with high quality Organic products.


The IAP is a cooperation forum for Organic agriculture that enhances commitment to nature and a higher food quality. The partners have cooperated since 1984 to strengthen the basis for Biodynamic and Organic agriculture worldwide.


IAP members exchange market information, plan strategic initiatives for marketing of Organic products, finance new projects and strengthen existing ones. These actions are taken to facilitate the development of Organic cultivation movements across the world. The partners try to meet four times annually to evaluate progress, implement decisions, and discuss new strategies. Currently, there are 14 constant members who are all high- level businessmen in their respected companies.


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