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Being the pioneer and market leader in Organic food and vegetables  in Egypt, ISIS is producing a wide range of delicious, healthy, Organic products.


In order to ensure the best quality and freshness of the products, ISIS adheres to a number of strict guidelines and implements several safeguards throughout the cultivation and production process. Using the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) system, the processes are controlled and verified by a series of procedures and controls all the way from the field to the end-consumer. ISIS management has developed extensive quality manuals and detailed standard operating procedures that are used in all company processes.


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Following the principles of transparency, ISIS strives for honest and fair collaboration throughout the entire supply chain. The prices for raw materials are set according to Fairtrade principles and assure a fair distribution of the value generation to our suppliers. ISIS fosters long-term relations with its suppliers through guaranteeing purchase of certain amounts of raw material and helping to pre-finance the cultivation.


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ISIS Organic Products


From carefully harvested Organic vegetables to specially selected ingredients for your Organic Muesli, every product of ISIS is made proudly with only the best Organic ingredients, grown by us or imported from trust-worthy, long-term partners from all over the world.


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