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naturetex_productionNatureTex is a high quality producer of colorful baby and kids wear, dolls and toys, home textiles, fabrics and assorted adults items using only organic cotton.

NatureTex was founded in 1998, originally under the name of ConyTex. The design and development of the products is done in-house in its own studio, and produced and marketed under its own brand "Cotton People Organic" (CPO), "NatureTex", "Organic Baby", or under private labels such as “People Wear Organic” (PWO) or "Under The Nile".

NatureTex competes successfully in the global market for organically produced textiles through the design, manufacturing, and marketing of beautiful and high quality products from Egypt, the home of today’s premium cotton production.


Where can I buy NatureTex products?


Satisfaction from the producer to the end user


NatureTex´s staff is not only committed to customer satisfaction and high quality standards and service, but also to the organizational development process and the continuous upgrading of employee’s skills. All textile products are made from organic cotton, and the products are ISO 9001 certified and fully conform to the international Demeter guidelines.


Review the applied standards and certificates


Transparency throughout the whole process


naturetex_dolls_100percent_organic_cottonFrom the crops, harvesting, processing, NatureTex is aware of all its sources and the whole process from the field to the final product. Complete transparency and traceability enables NatureTex and its partners not only a secure and high quality product, but also Fair Trade for all its products.

NatureTex is producing high quality organic products in various categories, such as:

Baby & Kids Wear | Dolls | Women & Men Wear

Home Textiles | Yarns & Fabrics

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