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SEKEM Friends Associations


The five associations of SEKEM Friends in Europe were established to mainly support the cultural work of the SEKEM initiative. Most educational and social projects depend on financial support that comes to a big part from the annual profits of SEKEM. 10 % of the profits are devoted for the SEKEM Development Foundation underneath which such projects like the Chamomile Children or the educational center Mahad are organized. Nonetheless, more funds are needed to keep the cultural activities of the SEKEM Development Association alive. This can happen through financial or in-kind-donations and project proposals for public funds for development aid.


Moreover, the SEKEM Friends see their task in building a bridge between Europe and the Egyptian initiative and in promoting the vision of SEKEM. Various events are used for an inter-cultural and inter-religious dialog. A special focus lies on young people and exchange programs.


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Building partnerships based on mutual trust is not only important in private but also in economic life. Business is impossible without good relations to other stakeholders, may they be businesses, consumers or suppliers. SEKEM would not have been possible without long standing partnerships that have been developed over the years to the strong foundations of today. We keep on striving for reliable and value driven partners.




The International Association of Partnership


Arguably, the most important partnership network is the International Association for Partnership in Ecology and Trade (IAP). In 1996, established by SEKEM and several of its long- term European business partners, in order to create a dynamic interaction between farmers, producers and traders, with the goal to provide consumers with high quality Organic products.


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Long-term reciprocal relationships with suppliers


While IAP partners are mostly buyers from SEKEM companies, SEKEM also has an extensive network of suppliers. The network of suppliers consists of both the SEKEM companies, themselves being the suppliers of other companies such as LIBRA (compost) for SEKEM for Land Reclamation or El-Mizan, and external suppliers. All agricultural suppliers are members of the Egyptian Biodynamic Association. SEKEM provides their suppliers with inputs (such as compost or Biodynamic preparations) and knowledge, offers pre-financing for their activities (depending on the case) on a seasonal basis and a buying guarantee for the pre-financed harvest. SEKEM knows about the importance of these mutually beneficial relationships and tries to nurture them as much as possible.

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