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Press release - Terrorist attacks that took place in Paris - January 2015

Groen Goud 2 - VPRO Tegenlicht Documentary featuring SEKEM - Dutch - VPRO, Oct. 2014

السفير الألمانى: الصناعات الهندسية المصرية أصبحت أكثر تطورا وقادرة تنافسيا -, Sept. 2014

Linking research and local people through organic agriculture -, June 2014

SEKEM zum Welttag gegen Wüstenbildung 2014  - SEKEM Press Release, June 2014

"Wonderen bestaan nog - Een boeiend interview met Helmy Abouleish" Oiko Visie, June 2014

Kein „Business as Usual“ – Geschäft und Nachhaltigkeit müssen Hand in Hand gehen - SEKEM Press Release, June 2014

Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish & The Story of SEKEM – A Legendary Success Story - Mohamed Tohami, 2014

Integral Development - SEKEM and the Heliopolis University - Book Excerpt - Ronnie Lessem & Alexander Schieffer, 2014

Turbo-Hybrid-Biene versus natürlicher Honig - Jens Brehl, 2014

Ausverkauf im Ackerland - SEKEM als positives Beispiel - Grü, 2014

"Ein Wunder in der ägyptischen Wüste" - Finance & Ethics BK49 OikoCredit, Dez. 2013

The Global Thinkers Forum about Dr. Abouleish - Global Thinkers Forum, 2013

"Ägyptens Wandel braucht 20 Jahre" - OikoCredit im Interview mit Helmy Abouleish - OikoCredit, Dec. 2013

OikoCredit fördert das Sozialunternehmen SEKEM - OikoCredit, Nov. 2013

SEKEM - Egypt Green Success Stories - UNEP, EEAA, CEDARE, 2013

Dr. Abouleish receives the Award for excellence - Global Thinkers Forum, 2013

Oslo Business for Peace Award - Global Edition of the New York Times, May 2013

Innovate and Scale: A Tough Balancing Act - SSR, May 2013

Nicht zu Verkaufen - Agrarland in Schwellenländern - Südwind Institut, 2013

"Kann man aus Ägyptens Sand Geld machen?" -, Feb. 2013

"Neue Lebenskraft für Ägypten - Dr. Abouleish über Innovationsgeist" - Landeszeitung, Jan. 2013

Dr. Abouleish receives the Business for Peace Award - Business For Peace Foundation, 2012

"Die Wüste grün machen - SEKEM setzt Zeichen" - Bioboom, Sept. 2012

"Einer muss ja damit anfangen" - Helmy Abouleish auf dem Tempelhof - Hohenloher Tagblatt, Feb. 2012

Two crazy farmers, one fantasy - Courage! Magazine, 2012

Some emerging-world companies are combining growth with greenery - The Economist, Sept. 2011

Right Livelihood Award 2003 - SEKEM  Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish, 2011

Unity in diversity for global business competitiveness - ie business school, 2011

Heliopolis - Is this the Path to a Sustainable Egypt - It Began In Afrika, July 2011

A close look to sustainable development - Mersal, Spring 2011

Farming for the Future - Making It, July 2011

B.A.U.M. Jury honors Egyptian in Hamburg this month, Sept. 2011

Adapting for a green economy - Companies, communities and Climate Change, 2011

New Sustainability Champions - World Economic Forum, 2011

Industry stakeholders welcome a decision to regulate trade in Organic products - Al Ahram Weekly, Dec. 2010

SEKEM makes comprehensive sustainable development a reality in Egypt - innovations, 2008

SEKEM - A holistic Egyptian initiative - UNDP, 2007


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