Education is more than learning.

Holistic human development


Education is the foundation of holistic human development and advancement of all. It is a continuous challenge. Learning throughout life enables people to improve their living conditions and contribute to the development of the community and the country.

The SEKEM Development Foundation started the SEKEM School System. SEKEM schools educate students (boys and girls) from kindergarten through the twelfth grade on the basis of Waldorf education. The schools serve Muslim and Christian students alike, encouraging them to live in harmony and have respect for each other's religious practices. In addition to the gender and religion diversity, the student body in the entire SEKEM School System is characterized by socio-economic-cultural diversity.

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Education for everyone


Students come to SEKEM schools from rural, semi-urban and urban areas; from underprivileged and privileged families; from children of professional and managerial parents; from children of technical and skilled labours; from children of farmers and unskilled workers; and from native Egyptians to foreigners. Students are also diversified with respect to their educational needs. There are those who seek regular public schooling, to those who desire technical education and vocational training, to those who have special educational needs, and even to those who are school dropouts or have had no opportunity for any type of literate education. Needless to say, that this broad diversity of the student body provides educational and learning experiences that cannot be matched or gained in any other real-life situation.

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The curricula


The SEKEM school system is endorsed by the Egyptian Ministry of Education and abides by its curricula. Additionally the school system provides the students with scientific, social, cultural, sports, and visual and performing arts learning opportunities and experiences that constitute essential elements of the school curricula.


The specific educational programs


In addition to the General School System with a nursery, Kindergarten, primary, preparatory, and secondary school, a second educational program at SEKEM is the Vocational and Technical Education System, established in 1997 and accredited by Mubarak-Kohl Technical Program in 1999. The aim of this technical education program is to offer young people useful professional skills that are in demand in the local labor market. The three-year technical program stresses “learning by doing and doing while learning”, as well as on the job training, practices, and preparation.

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A third educational program at SEKEM is the program for students with special needs in the special education school.

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A fourth education program is the community School "Chamomile program" for school dropout children.

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A fifth education program is the literacy program involving teachers specialized in the eradication of illiteracy.

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