Promoting a peaceful society.

Diversity and equal treatment


Respect and dignity for every individual within our companies and in the broader community are the guiding principles that we use to create human relationships. The SEKEM Code of Conduct explicitly states our commitment to protect and advocate for human rights in all our activities and spheres of influence.


SEKEMs Code of Conduct

Fair, healthy & safe


In all the steps of our value chain, we strive to provide and support fair salaries, as well as healthy and safe work places. To ensure human rights adherence along our supply chain, we strictly apply Fair Trade principles within our purchasing practices.


A healthy & safe work environment


Literacy is a human right


In the SEKEM Development Foundation, we have started a community school to prevent child labor. We consider literacy as a human right. All illiterates at SEKEM have the opportunity to receive reading and writing lessons.


Schools & Education


Equality and human rights


Furthermore, together with our project partners and our main investors, we monitor human rights adherence and consider human rights clauses in our investment decisions.


Diversity and equality


Through its business model, SEKEM promotes a peaceful society. On 7 May 2012 Helmy Abouleish, on behalf of his father and SEKEM, received the “Business for Peace Award” in Oslo, Norway. The prestigious award for entrepreneurship, which is given each year to a number of internationally renowned entrepreneurs who have distinguished themselves in peace building, was presented to Helmy at a ceremony in the Norwegian capital. The award is presented by the “Business for Peace Foundation” in cooperation with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).


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Corporate Governance


Corporate Governance defines the structure in which SEKEM conducts its business. The reliability of an organization depends on the way decisions are taken and opinions with stakeholders are exchanged. The Board of Directors (BoD) advises and supervises the SEKEM Management in regards to sustainable economic prosperity, business development and strategy. The composition, current members, voting rights, access to information, responsibilities, meeting procedures, duties and tasks are defined in the Corporate Governance Code. All provided information is considered confidential and principles regarding any conflict of interest are in effect.


SEKEMs Management Structure


Operational Management and the Board of Directors


The operational management, led by the Managing Director Helmy Abouleish, takes the advice and propositions of the BoD originating from their meetings, where upon these expectations are directly translated into action plans and achievements. Any following shortcomings are assessed in the next meeting. The quarterly financial report, sent out for review to the BoD members, provides constant updates on new investments, products, volume analysis and risks. Six members of the BoD, all except Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish and Helmy Abouleish, are non-executive members; three are totally independent from SEKEMs operations.


The Board of Directors

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