Sustainable development

in 4 dimensions. Since 1977.

Sustainable Development since 1977


SEKEM was founded with the idea of sustainable development and building of a prosperous future for the surrounding communities and Egypt. The vision that brought Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish to dig the first well in the vast desert land still resounds in SEKEMs approach of conducting business. Like a compass, the vision, mission and values guide the employees in the everyday work in all SEKEM companies.


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Reporting Sustainable Development


SEKEM has developed its annual sustainability report since 2007 in order to measure its performance within the different aspects of sustainable development. This report is meant as an internal reporting and measurement tool, however share it transparently with whomever is interest to read it.


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The Sustainability Flower


The sustainability flower reflects the fourfoldness of sustainable development, with the ecological dimension broken down into separate elements and spheres.


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Food security


SEKEM is convinced that only sustainable agricultural methods such as Biodynamic agriculture can secure the rising food demand of the coming 50 years. Here is a short explanation of food security and SEKEMs opinion how to address the problem.


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"Problems like food insecurity, water scarcity, climate change etc., pose enormous challenges for Egypt that cannot be solved by politics alone. SEKEM stands up to these challenges. The company embraces a private-economic and civilian approach to tackle the aforementioned problems."

Helmy Abouleish

CEO, SEKEM Holding

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