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SEKEM is a multicultural company, where people from different nationalities, different cultural and religious backgrounds meet, exchange expertise and knowledge, SEKEM highly respects its employees and aims to establish a long-term relationship with them through treating the people fairly and satisfying their needs. SEKEMs community provides secure workplaces, career advancement opportunities.


SEKEMs morning cirlce


In order to always keep the big idea and team behind each individual task, the employees of each company meet in a circle each morning for a collective start. Each Thursday afternoon all employees of all SEKEM institutions located at the SEKEM main farm gather in a big circle in order to celebrate the achievements of the previous week. Standing in a circle shows that all participants are equal – an equality that stands for the dignity of the human being.


Cultural activities, like eurythmy, support team building, and professional training develops further skills and increases the chances of the employees advancement.


International internships


You are most welcome to make an internship or, if you are coming from abroad, to stay and work with us for a while at SEKEM or one of its subsidiaries. Please note that we can only accept interns who are staying for at least one full year.


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